Our Logo


Our logo symbolizes our community. The elements of the logo convey the multinational aspect of the Licentiate Society and illustrate its members hard-earned status as local medical practitioners in service to the people of Hong Kong.

First, the central element of the logo resembles the Rod of Asclepius a symbol of medicine and health care. Additionally, the traditional rod is represented by a Bauhinia themed anchor. The combination draws inspiration from the Licentiates’ rigorous pathway to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong’s own rich maritime history. The earthly blue circle signifies the group’s mission in bringing together LMCHK doctors from around the world.

More About Us



  • Promote the highest standards of healthcare, professionalism, safety, and education.

  • Encourage working with other medical practitioners and doctors and community organizations in realizing it objectives.

  • Represent the LMCHK community’s interests in and outside of Hong Kong.

  • Support the efforts of candidates sitting for the Hong Kong Medical Licensing Exam.

Doctors working together form the Licentiate Society's governing board of directors, known as the Council.


The composition of the Licentiate Society includes:

Council – the governing body of the medical society, who serve as its board of directors and consists of 9 Council Members.

Members – there are 4 classes of members: Full, Associate, Honorary, and Corporate.

Committees - there are 3 committees: Member Services, Medical Education, and Industry Relations. Members interested in becoming more involved are encouraged to participate.

Teamwork has been a part of the Licentiate Society since it's inception. The group of LMCHK doctors started by supporting and encouraging each other.

History of the Society of the LMCHK Community

The Medical Licentiate Society of Hong Kong (Licentiate Society) is an independent, non-profit, recognized professional association that supports the LMCHK doctors.

The Licentiate Society was founded on 15 June 2017. As its community grew in size and offerings, the group incorporated on 26 November 2019.

The Licentiate Society is the only incorporated organization dedicated to the LMCHK. Its offices are located in Central, Hong Kong.



The group has LMCHK doctors that graduated from medical schools from over 20 different licensing jurisdictions outside of Hong Kong including (in order by relative numbers of doctors): UK, Mainland China, Australia, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Chinese Taipei, Singapore, Belgium, India, Korea, Nepal, Netherland-Antilles, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.