Society of the LMCHK Community

Society of the LMCHK CommunitySociety of the LMCHK CommunitySociety of the LMCHK Community


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Video recap of our public health education webinar event now live.

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The Licentiate Society

Measuring blood pressure and taking care of patient


   We believe in putting patients first, in promoting high standards of health and medical care, in working with others, and in continuing education. 

Becoming an LMCHK doctor (Licentiate of the Medical Council of Hong Kong) requires passing an exam


  We support the doctors that achieved the qualification of LMCHK (Licentiate of the Medical Council of Hong Kong).

A globe is shown in that LMCHK doctors hail form around the world


 We're LMCHK Hong Kong doctors from 6 continents that graduated from medical schools outside of Hong Kong.


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