Membership and Application Data

Applicants, in submitting a membership application, indicate a desire to become a member of The Medical Licentiate Society of Hong Kong, and agree, if elected, to become a member of the said Society and to be bound by its Articles of Association and Bylaws.

Members are assured that their personal data kept in the Society's membership register is maintained by the Council in accordance to the information provided by them from time to time. It is kept in confidence for the following purposes only:

1. Distribution of the Society’s publications;

2. Communication between members and the Society;

3. Intra-membership communications;

4. Internal membership profile analysis;

5. Internal stock control; and

6. Purposes as specified at the time of the data collection.

Membership Information will not be made available to others without the member’s prior consent unless it is required by law to do so. Members are at liberty to correct/update their information in the membership register as and when necessary. 

For further information, please see our privacy policy 

Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer

The Medical Licentiate Society of Hong Kong (Licentiate Society, branded also as LMCHK Soc) is an independent, non-profit, recognized professional body (HK Certificate of Incorporation No. 2896589).

The Licentiate Society is not affiliated, associated, or in any way connected with the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK), the Hospital Authority (HA) of Hong Kong, or any other doctor, medical or health organizations.

The official MCHK website can be found at 

The official HA website can be found at

Fraud Alert

Please be aware of bogus communications (fraudulent websites, emails, newsletters, WhatsApp messages, and phone calls) purportedly from The Medical Licentiate Society of Hong Kong. Do not disclose any personal information to suspicious contacts.

Please contact The Licentiate Society (, if you have any concerns.